Total Sleep is an inventive, rest-obsessed sleep brand who believe that innovation and health is the key to happiness. With decades of experience in the sleep industry, we have provided home and bedding products to help improve the lives of countless people with various sleeping preferences. Throughout the years, we have become industry experts and created unique products with the perfect comfort level to provide the best sleep possible. It’s our goal to to help you better your health and lifestyle through quality, affordable and innovative sleep products.

Welcome to the Total Sleep USA experience.

Quality You Can Trust

With decades of experience and a global partnership network, our products exceed all industry quality and health standards. Total Sleep is proud to offer products that'll reshape your sleep and quality of life.

Cool Is The New Hot

With our proprietary cooling technology, the days of chasing the cool side of the pillow are over. All of our products feature cooling fabric or gel-infused beads to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep environment.

Comfort Is King

Our sleep products will have you sleeping on cloud 9, literally and figuratively. Our products support your body's key pressure zones (neck, back and spine) by contouring to your body with the perfect firmness.

Sleep Products That Support Your Sleep & Well-Being

Throughout the years, I've come to learn how critical sleep is for our health and happiness. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those suffering from poor sleep, regardless if the reason is health or product related. We take all things sleep very seriously, which is why our products are made with premium materials, offer orthopedic support and are undergo numerous tests throughout the production process.