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Our sleep products are all expertly crafted in USA by trained industry professionals, using the highest quality and globally certified materials.

Apart from the guarantee that our American-made products meet all quality certifications, we’re positive they will also enhance your sleep and overall well being. We ensure our products are supportive and ergonomic for all sleeping positions, regardless whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, side or back. Our memory foam contours your unique body shape to help align your spine correctly and relieve pressure points so you’ll always wake up refreshed. Furthermore, quality sleep has been proven to improve concentration, productivity, athletic performance, immune function and more!

We’re glad you asked! Although some brands today are trying to market their product for every sleep position and firmness density, this is generally impossible. Just like anything else, humans have personal preferences when it comes to pillow type and density. As a result, we’ve developed unique sleep products using patent-pending proprietary technology and offer various pillow types and firmness levels to exceed the needs of all sleeper types.

Total Sleep offers two pillow sizes. Our first pillow size (Standard/Queen) is perfect for Twin, Full and Queen size mattresses, measuring 18 x 26 inches with a 3 inch height. Our second pillow size (King) is ideal with any King or Cal King size mattresses, and measures 18 x 34″ with a 3 inch height.

Although our products are identical, the return process is the ultimate difference when ordering through Amazon or any other online retailer. We do handle the customer service for any questions, however all returns go directly through Amazon’s Customer Service. Each product has the same 100-Night Sleep Trial and free returns. The only exceptions are products and orders placed through, which feature a 30-Night Sleep Trial.

Indeed we do! We have mattresses, weighted blankets and a few more groundbreaking sleep products in our plans, coming very soon!

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